Things To Know to Get Involved

We ask that anyone who wants to be a part of the journey in ministry be a member of the church. This consists of the following; being a Christ-follower, having made that public through a credobaptism, being in agreement with the membership covenant and can support the following statements in word and deed.

VISION: Sunny Brae Church is a body of people who are striving together to become a place of acceptance for individuals of diverse backgrounds and life experiences.

WE exist to meet people where they’re at and help bring them to where God wants all of us to be.

WE desire to regard others as more important than ourselves and give everyone the opportunity to experience relationship with the Living God through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

MISSION STATEMENT: That we would be obedient to Gods commandments and given to His mission for us that others would come to know Him.

VALUES: We are committed to the Christian oral tradition found in the teachings of Jesus Christ and His spoken Word the Bible:

  • To be Other-oriented - to have the mind of Christ, as in the attitude of a servant with humility.
  • To be Relational - striving for a Christ community, to act in love in everything we do, to be hospitable and generous so as to encourage and support those around you, being missional in our living.
  • To be Authentic - being real, not living a lie, having integrity, speaking the truth to one another in love.
  • To be Life Change - desiring to have new life and live it out so others may have it as well, while always giving, forgiving, and having gratitude in all things being redemptive in our actions and words towards ourselves, others and God.